Sands Resort Policies


Please note: Saturday Reservations between June 28 and September 6 require a two-night minimum stay (Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday.)
Any reservations made for Saturday only will be charged for an additional night’s stay.


Cancellation Policy: If cancellation occurs 14 days or more prior to the arrival date, we refund your deposit. If you give less than 14 days' notice, your deposit is forfeited.
Check in / out: Check in is 2 PM, check out is 10 AM
No-Show Policy: No- shows will forfeit their deposit. 
Pet Policy: No Pets. 
Smoking Policy: Smoking is prohibited in common areas. Smoking in a non- smoking room will result in a $25 per night cleaning fee.
Taxes: Applicable taxes subject to change without notice. All reservations are subject to a $1.00 per stay linen reserve charge.
Parking: Parking is available for one car per suite.
Deposit: A $100 security deposit is required upon check-in.


A. The owners, management, and staff of the Sands Resort at Hampton Beach take great pride in the quality of their resort. The goal of everyone associated with the Sands is to provide a peaceful and quiet living environment. Any person not cooperating in providing for the quiet enjoyment of all guests will be asked to leave. Televisions, radios, and stereos must be kept at a sound level not to be heard outside your suite. Obscene language, obnoxious behavior, or rowdiness of any kind will not be tolerated. Large gatherings and parties in the suites are simply not allowed. Only four adults are allowed in a suite at one time. This includes guests and visitors. Drinking Alcohol under the age of 21 is not permitted and is illegal in the state of NH. Use of illegal drugs, i.e. marijuana will result in your immediate eviction from the property. Smoking in lobby, halls, stairways, exercise room, spa, sauna room, or any other common area is prohibited by law and will be enforced. If this is not the type of environment you are looking for, the Sands Resort is not the place for you. The owners, management personnel, maintenance crew, housekeeping staff, and security guards will continuously be observing for compliance with all rules and guidelines of the Sands Resort.

B. The Sands Resort strictly adheres to: 

151:2 Amended 353:3-C EJECTION OF GUESTS

II All hotel keepers and persons keeping public lodging houses, cabins, or any rental unit may immediately remove or cause to be immediately removed by any law enforcement officer of this state, any guest who willfully denies other guests their right to quiet enjoyment of their tenancies, included but not limited to any guest who:
(a) Disturbs, threatens, or endangers other guests;
(b) Is less than 21 years of age and possesses alcohol;
(c) Possesses illegal drugs;
(d) Violates any rule of the hotel, lodging home or campground that is posted in a conspicuous place and manner at the guest registration desk and in each guest room; or
(e) Violates any local or state law.

C. Please note: All common areas of the Sands Resort are under video surveillance and are being digitally recorded at all times.


Anyone who disturbs, threatens, or endangers other guests will be asked to leave the property and forfeit rental and deposit for their stay.